Metal folding promotion table

Metal Folding Promotion Table

  1. PT50 Triangle side folding table

Size: 630*630*730mm
Material: metal sheet.
Powder coating, with
logo printing 2 sides.
Volume: 850pcs/1*40ft HQ

2. PT51 Metal folding table 4sides

Four legs 70cm, 45cm, 73cm/ 70cm, 70cm, 73cm
Foldable structure
With logo printing 3sides

Packing: 75*50*30cm
Volume: 650pcs/1*40ft HQ

3. PT39  Metal folding promotion table with solar shadow

Assembled size: H210xW90x105cm
Material: PC hollow sheet,
metal tube, wooden panel, wheels 4pcs.
Knocked down structure.
Packing: 105x50x10cm,
Load : 480pcs/1*40ft HQ



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